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Matteo Salamon
Salamon Gallery

Salamon, an Italian art gallery founded in Milan in 1950, is pleased to announce the addition of MD, a specialized Old Master Drawings website, to its figurative arts department. Located in a prestigious palazzo in Milan’s city center, Salamon overlooks Villa Cicogna’s beautiful garden and has long been a reference point for discerning Milanese and International collectors.

Matteo Salamon, part of the third generation of this family to work at the gallery, is now Director of the gallery’s Old Master Paintings and Old Master Drawings Department.
On top of organising shows both at the gallery and at international art and antiques fairs, he is also a consultant for collectors, be they individuals, museums, or businesses. In addition, he collaborates on research projects with scholars and other specialised and qualified gallerists.

Matteo has always had an eye for and interest in Old Master Drawings. This is what has inspired him to establish MD, a website that collectors worldwide can turn to to find a collection of fine Master Drawings from periods ranging from the XV century right up to the present.

Visitors to the site will find that every drawing displayed on the site is scanned at high definition on both the recto and the verso sides and described in full detail. Conservation, condition and provenance are all examined carefully and if a precise attribution is possible the Old Master Drawings are accompanied by biographical information on the artist. Prices are quoted both in Euro and in USD.

All Old Master Drawings displayed on the site are carefully chosen on the basis of two criteria: quality and beauty.