Selling with Us

Established in 1950, the Salamon gallery is managed today by the third generation of its founding family; since its origins – in a time when in Italy antique galleries were key cultural actors in the reconstruction of the identity and the very concept of “nation”– the Salamon gallery stood out not only for having gathered outstanding old master paintings but also for having dedicated itself to the recovery and exchange of precious drawings and studies.

If collecting paintings leads to the gratifying feeling of owning achieved works of art, which show the creative process of a great painter or his workshop, the liking for drawings lies in the idea that one could truly better recognize the artist’s genius in its first invention: it does not come as a surprise that a great talent of pen and brush drawing such as Sebastiano Ricci (1659 – 1734) considered papers and sketches as his real works of art, while the achieved paintings were, in his words, “copies”, the accomplishment of a journey that has been already expressed, even if in embryo, in the inspiration of the first studies.

In line with its tradition, the Salamon gallery still cultivates the taste for both preparatory drawings and achieved sculptures, that is autonomous works designed with the same dignity and care used by the artists in the most famous works.

Enthusiasts, collectors and scholars are welcomed in the exhibition halls of the piano nobile of Palazzo Cicogna, in the heart of Milan, to admire the artworks on paper, of which a brief selection is displayed on the pages of this website.